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About Communicating Joy

Janice K Purnell, as one of six, she was the only daughter of John and Janie Purnell. She was raised in the shadow of a small military town, located in central Indiana. It was in that small rural town, where she discovered her love for painting. Although, pursuing an art career was discouraged by her well meaning father, her passion for the arts never dissipated. She served two tours in the USAF, before moving to Florida where she lived for several years. While living in Florida amongst the vast art community, her artistic urges began to emerge.  After moving to northern Indiana, she was able to establish her studio and continue painting as a self-taught artist. She enjoys creating with oils and acrylics as she explores the unlimited possibilities of her artistic passions. 


Join her as she journeys into the creative realm after a 30-year hiatus. She loves how the paint flows from the brush onto the canvas. Starting with portraits in acrylics of those closest to her, to self-portraits in abstract to capturing glimpses of the African American lifestyle. 


She seeks to fill the void of positive African American culture in their melanin and realistic beauty of a variety of body shapes and movements, not often captured by the media. She desires to communicate joy through her paintings, so if you find yourself gently smiling as you cast your eyes upon her artwork, then her goal of inspiring you has been achieved. 


She has been influenced by her favorite artists, Norman Rockwell, and contemporary artists such as the abstract expressive art of Terrill Kevyn Johnson and Adonis Parker and influenced organically by Kadir Nelson and Annie Lee.


Her paintings in “ The Legacy” series were influenced by her dearly departed and beloved father. 

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