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A Companion for the Ride

Previously published: Monday, May 7, 2012

Slightly, discouraged that I was placed on a 12-9 shift three nights in a row, I had given up the thought of riding more than once this week. My niece texted me to let me know she was coming down later that day and asked if she could come stay with me for a while. I welcomed her precious presence.

Around 5:00 pm she texted me that she was stranded about 30 miles north of my place of employment. I took off early to go pick her up and it was a welcome sight to see her. Halfway home I realized that I was off early enough to go riding. I asked her if she would like to join me, and to my delight she said yes. We arrive in time for David and his son to prepare a Specialized bike for her to ride. Off we went around the five-mile track. The breeze was just right and twenty minutes later, she was hooked. Even though her bottom and a few muscles would be sore she thanked me for sharing the experience with her. “Aunt Jan you always do fun stuff!” I was thankful to have her ride with me so that we could share the joy of accomplishment together.

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