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Five, Five! How many is Five?

Previously Published: Thursday, May, 5 2016

Five, five how many is five? (Sung from the tune of a counting song from Sesame St tune)

Five fingers and toes,

The Torah Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy

How many is five? My parents met while they were in the USAF, and my father was eventually stationed in Indiana where my siblings and I were raised. I am the second to the oldest of six children, yet I am still my father’s baby daughter. One day I overheard my mother, “I’m not having any more children after this one is born!” Recognizing that the odds were against me, boys 4, girls 1, I quickly made a final plea, “ Can I please have a sister? Finally, the day came, my father came excitedly rushing through the house…..”It’s a boy!”

“No, no not another brother, God didn’t you hear me?”

I eventually accepted my fate 5 boys to 1 girl.

My parents encouraged me to go to college to get an education, so I went to college and mastered partying, with a minor in how not to finish your class. I was convinced that neither of my parents knew what they were talking about after all, they could not make another baby girl, so I decided to follow in their footsteps and enter the USAF.

It was while I proudly served my country on the beautiful island for Japanese Honeymooners, that I met my “baby daddy” He was one of five ah, he must be the one! We were wed on the isle of Guam, the sun shining, palm trees everywhere, and an ocean in the background. Heaven must be like this! Three kids and two states later, we moved back to Indiana. “No more kids,” he said. I told him that I understood, however, I wanted to consult with the master planner. “ God.

Statistics say the average American family consists of 2.5 children. I believe we have filled that quota and besides the daddy isn’t too excited about having any more, is it all right to shut down the baby factor now?” His answer was “I will not give you more than you can responsibly handle” Relieved, that I had received approval from on high, we relaxed too much because number four was on the way. I believe she ran under the radar scope because surely God would have seen her coming. When we brought her home his father shouted “Yeah, no more kids!” and I heard God clearly say…”No, there is one more.” By now I was sure I had God figured out he likes the number five. My children were born on the 10th, 20th, 15th and the 10th surely the last one would be born on the 20th!

Aaron was born on August 22, and my mother’s best friend cried with pity and she went before God…”Why, Why did you give this poor woman five children!” God quietly and confidently told her to “Leave me alone, she is raising five prayer warriors!”

Somewhere along the line, I decided to go back to college to finish what my parents told me to do from the beginning. It was during this time the baby's daddy confidently said “I can leave because I know God will take care of you and the children.” As I walked across the stage to receive my bachelor's degree in Business Management I also walked in and out of the divorce court. With one house and five children, later we moved to Florida.

Upon realizing I have five children, People ask me all the time how I handle them, I confidently tell them one day at a time and I also let them know that God has reassured me that since I can only handle three with confidence, he will handle all of the rest for me. How many is five? Five is the number for a basketball team, five is the number for the fivefold ministry, five is the number of brothers I have and I am the proud single mom of five.

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