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You didn't ask

Previously published: Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One Sunday, while contemplating leaving church early because I had arrived too late to enter the sanctuary, which was full. A woman came to me and asked, " What are you going to do?" After a few short explanations to each other, we both found we were too late to enter the services and neither of us was willing to go to the venue upstairs. She explained she was troubled and needed prayer.

Only moments before we met, I had been questioning the Lord about what I should do, and here was this dear woman, standing in the need of prayer. She had been walking around the foyer praying and asking God specifically for someone who could pray with her about an issue that had been troubling her, and that the person could relate with her and could understand what she was going through. As she began to share her story, I was amazed at how much we were alike, same spiritual gifts, the same desire to help others similar struggles and even divorced twice! By the time the service was over she had poured her heart out, and even though we never really prayed, God ministered to her very needs while she was sharing with me. Her face was beaming with joy as she finished. Knowing that God would answer her desires, even if it was having just the right person to talk with. I myself was amazed, with how specifically and quickly God worked as she gave Him praises while walking off, for answering her prayers. I quickly turned to God, puzzled because I had some needs, that I wanted Him to address also, yet they remained unanswered. So, I asked God, because at that moment it seemed that not only was He listening, but we were in a place where we could hear His response. So I asked him, What about me, why didn't you answer my prayers? In His still small voice, I clearly heard Him say, "You didn't ask..... "

How many times have we worried about situations, because we didn't do as the old spiritual song said to "Carry everything to God in prayer? " Thinking that our situation is too small, or that God has so many other people to worry about, why should he waste his time answering your prayer? He truly is a loving God, who is concerned with every aspect of our lives. If it's important enough for you to consider it, debate about it, wonder even wish about it. It concerns him. He wants us to share our every thought with him, so that can display his loving kindness in every aspect of our lives. Does this mean every prayer will be answered right away? By no means, no. Allowing God the opportunity to participate in our trials and struggles, draws us closer to Him as we learn how loving, gentle, and kind He is. When we learn to see Him as the warrior who fights for us then we can also see Him as our provider as resources open up to us. There are so many aspects of the God we serve, that each time we "ask" him to be involved, we gain a greater understanding of who he is in our lives. Don't miss out on an opportunity to learn of Him... just ask.

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